STYLE GURU STYLE: Lace Suggestion

At 2014’s Erdem Resort collection, we could see a suggestive use of transparency on lace and organza which showed how versatile those fabrics can be. Erdem showed to us that lace can be suggestive and sexy without needing a lot of effort. The line also showcased how to subtly show off skin by using transparency fabric on shoulders and arms.

For some people, lace is seen as too sexy and causes them to shy away. I see lace as being super feminine, and thus not really my style. I am not girly, but when I want to look delicate, I definitely go for lace. I like wearing black lace so that it matches the rest of my clothes.

Lace is something I do not feel super confident in, but when I saw the Erdem show I was inspired. My shirt is slightly short and because I didn’t want to show off a lot of skin I wore a plain black T-shirt under it.

I chose to stick with a high-waisted shorts. The combat boots combined with socks adds a touch of my personal style. I love the way the socks show off my legs and make the combat boots stand out. This makes the outfit more casual and comfortable.The vintage round sunglasses also give it a boho touch

Get My look: 1. A T-shirt with lace sleeves 2. High-waisted shorts 3. Comfy and casual combat boots.

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