Here in Philadelphia, we are still fighting off the winter blues. But after a recent trip to Europe over spring break, I find my style evolving, even though it might still be only 40 degrees out here. I realized after spending some time in London and Paris that they rarely dress down. Normally here I opt for the casual leggings and a T-shirt, but I now feel inspired to dress up a bit on a week day. It’s typical to see models walking through the streets, either on their way to a shoot or off-duty for the day.

I came back home to Philadelphia so incredibly inspired by the girls I saw overseas. My “off duty” look first started with my thrifted oversize jean shirt. Mixing oversize shirts with skinny jeans is a staple for me, and these high-waisted black jeans should belong in every girl’s closet. Topshop in London seemed five steps above Topshop here in the States, and I think when I walked into the store I legitimately looked like the “heart eyes” emoji. These chunky heels are strait out of Topshop in Piccadilly Circus, although it took me about 15 to squeeze them into my carry-on.

My Forever 21 jacket, nicknamed the “fluff,” was originally for purely warmth purposes. After putting it on I realized that I loved the white contrast, as I am not one to ever wear all black, and it kept me warm as if I was walking through the streets of Paris. Accessories wise, mixing silver and gold makes an outfit seem so effortless, such as my Anthropologie necklace and the buckles on my heels. The Kate Spade bag, curtesy of a Valentine’s Day gift from my boyfriend, tops off the look as an oversize bag always seems to be a favored accessories by models.┬áIn all honesty, on a normal day you rarely find me wearing much makeup at all, so I chose a minimal look that is seemingly effortless (even though I definitely spent 20 minutes in front of the mirror perfecting my eyeliner).

I am so excited I am getting to share more of my personal style with you all, especially with an outfit that I feel as though is the epitome of everything I love. Am I Kendall Jenner or Karlie Kloss yet?

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Hi all! My name is Grey, and I am a 20 year old living in Philadelphia, going to Temple University. Im a college student, who is currently living on my own for the first time, which is scary but invigorating. Follow my posts on CF as I travel, pursue a healthy lifestyle, intern, and more!

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