STYLE GURU STYLE: Post Spring Break Blues

As we all return from our nice, warm spring breaks and go back to our mundane lives, we’re forced to face the rest of the semester. What we shouldn’t be forced to do is return to our boring winter wardrobes. In Akron, the weather is starting to heat up and so are the outfits seen around campus. A classic piece that is a returning staple every season are stripes, and there is nothing I love more than a fun twist on a classic.

I’ve recently fallen in love with this bold striped dress when I went on vacation. I picked up this hot little number in Charleston, South Carolina, and have been wearing it ever since. This dress makes a bold statement with its orange and blue vertical stripes. It screams vacation but is simple enough to be brought back and integrated into your everyday wardrobe.

This dress is very playful so I kept my accessories earthy.  Of course, I’m still on the choker trend and love this thick chained one. I love the way that the heaviness of the choker plays off the bright and playful dress. Since the dress has a lot of color to it, I stuck with a white bag to coincide with every color in the dress. I didn’t want to do a statement bag so that I could keep attention on the dress. Instead of wearing any bracelets, I layered this look with a ton of different rings. Some chunky and others small, I wanted to keep up with the contrasting look of my jewelry. Something else that I love about this dress is the ability to dress it up or dress it down. If I were looking to wear this to run a few errands, I would just slide on some loafers or sandals. To dress it up, I went with a casual pair of sandals with a small heel that would be comfortable in for the entire night out. Now all I need is a little lipstick and my sunglasses, and I can hit the town.

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