STYLE GURU STYLE: Preppy Patriot

The Sass & Bide resort 2015 collection had some extra prep in its step this year. With a patriotic palette of red, white and blue (not to forget the classic black accents), Sass & Bide has refreshed an all-American look for Fashionistas. From pantsuits to maxi dresses, the line serves style for any and all occasions. And although the collection was positively preppy, each frill was boldly striped, and every flare was casually paired with sneakers to create chic contradictions that watered down the prep level from Upper East Side to glamour girl next door.

These complementary combinations caught my eye and had me instantly jotting down notes for my next thrift shop haul. Coincidentally, I found a dress that encompassed the entire collection. The color compilation matched the collection’s chromatic scale to a tee. Red, white and blue floral crisscrossed black and white stripes, creating a chic contraction in itself. Additionally, the solid sleeves decoratively diverged the high-low hem. Finally, I laced up the icing on the contradictory cake and voila – instant satis-fashion.

This look is particularly perfect for this season in a very Fourth of July sense. And because the dress is already considerably complex with chic contradictions, a Fashionista doesn’t have to fuss with more than a single statement accessory and courageous cosmetics. For example, I chose a baby blue ring and a red lip.

This resort 2015 show highlighted a stylish spin on patriotic prints with its combinatory collection. Thanks to Sass & Bide, I’m finally warming up a bit to sneakers and I’ve officially fallen fashionably in love with striped floral anything.

Get My Look: 1. A patriotic patterned dress. 2.  A pair of simple sneakers. 3. A bold red lip.

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