STYLE GURU STYLE: Pretty in Pink

There’s a lot to say about the Collette Dinnigan resort 2014 collection, starting with colorful and ending with class. The collection could transform any Fashionista into a country clubber with its clean cuts, vibrant chromatic scale with pale accents and feminine fabrics. From straight skirts to sleeved dresses, hemlines were seamlessly (pun intended) polished. Flare was confined to fabrics and attached accessories, like petal patterns and bow-tied belts. Additionally, Collette Dinnigan remembered the rainbow with a palette of mostly lemonade yellow, rose petal pink, true blue and not-your-self-tanner orange. Beige and white accents watered down each ensemble, which helped the collection go from nearly neon to color-me-cute. And while there wasn’t an outfit I didn’t like, the collection’s fourth look had me instantly reaching for a dress I reserve for sundress occasions – like Sunday brunch and family reunions – only.

The pink added a powerful pop that made me look as bronze as I wish I actually was, which validates this strategic hue for the summer season. Besides being complementary to a tan, the dress’s combination of mesh and polyester patterns created the illusion of laced floral, similar to the collection’s. And although my dress had a high-low hemline while Collette Dinnigan’s look had some layered lace to breakdown an otherwise straight seam, both had the same embellished effect. Additionally, the sleeveless straps and the open back created clean cuts that contrasted the feminine flare.

While the dress was unmistakably the focal point of the look, there were a couple of noteworthy accents. To begin with, I swapped the off-white hat for an eggshell headband. With a beautiful bow and laced floral material, I found the replacement accessory to be just as flattering to the dress with its girlish impression and matching fabric. I did, however, stay true to the collection’s soul with beige wedges, which heightened the entire ensemble both fashionably and literally. And while the collection showcased extremely limited accessories, I couldn’t resist adding a few of my own, mostly because my dress had a scoop neckline and my hair was pulled back, but also because I have an accessory obsession. To fill in the look, I incorporated a subtle gold necklace and petite gold earrings with pale pink pearls.

If there’s one thing I learned from the Collette Dinnigan resort 2014 collection, it was how to neutralize an otherwise obnoxious outfit. Adding a beige bag or pale pedicure can do wonders for a loud look. I’m also going to start matching fabrics for more cohesive closet creations. Overall, Collette Dinnigan is the Crayola of collections and can teach Fashionistas how to revisit Roy G. Biv without overdoing it. What more could a Fashionista ask for?

Get My Look: 1. A pretty pink dress made of feminine fabric. 2. Sand-shade soles. 3. An eggshell hair accessory.

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