STYLE GURU STYLE: Punk College Invasion

Back in fall 2013, Junya Watanabe surprised everyone with his collection inspired by punk culture. It was an edgier approach to the expressive trend.

When I started to stick these pieces together for an outfit, my wish was to dress up my vintage and beloved customized Sex Pistols T-shirt. However, when I looked at the Junyas runway show, the first thing I noticed was that is not the traditional approach of punk rock culture. The red plaid print and cutout jackets are iconic. They have customized handmade patchworks that seem to have come straight from a second hand shop. There’s tons of punk spirit in this line.

So for a toned down punk rock look for college students, I combined the red plaid jegging with this asymmetric black jacket. I think those two together can make an edgy and elegant outfit without losing the punk attitude. My black long sleeve T-shirt was not chosen randomly. My intention was to make an overlap showing how a simple piece can turn into a surprise factor. Nothing if more punk rock than a pair of combat boots, especially ones that are distressed like the pair I wore. I choose a Vivienne Westwood armour ring replica for my statement piece. It’s an outstanding creation made by the mother of punk rock. For running around campus and going to classes, the black subtle messenger bag is perfect. It’s a balance for the punk mess.

When we talk about punk in fashion terms, we have a certain prerogative in mind. It’s anĀ  over explored trend, but Junya showed showed the red plaid print and patchwork in and edgy and expressive way, as a punk rock deserves.

Get My Look: 1. Asymmetric denim jacket. 2. Outstanding combat boots. 3. Red plaid leggings.

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