STYLE GURU STYLE: Striped ‘n’ Sneakered

I was pleasantly thrown back to my runway roots with Cut25 by Yigal Azrouël’s recent resort collection. Yigal Azrouël stylishly showcased “less is more” as he modernized minimization. This type of ’90s minimization meant that there was a strict “two to three garment” rule in the Cut25 by Yigal Azrouël collection that would prompt panic for any accessory adorer. Not to worry, though. Below you’ll find my guide to glamming up each look without jewelry or hair accessories.

Fortunately, I dug deep and found a closeted clothing couple comparative to the fifth look of Cut25 by Yigal Azrouël. A striped dress and a pair of white sneakers met minimal measures made by Yigal Azrouël. Like every other ensemble in the collection, the modeled dress included a touch of lace above each sleeve, which romanticized an otherwise laid back look. Because my dress was less formfitting than the collection’s in addition to having an absence of lace, I found it even more difficult to resist the temptation of adding a belt or some sort of statement jewelry. I managed to persevere accessory-less with some cosmetic competence. A romantic rouge lip added a touch of color to the black and white wardrobe. Additionally, winged eyeliner decoratively dramatized the casual outfit. I also chose to include my quirky, black eyeglasses for a pop of personality.

There’s no doubt about it. Cut25 by Yigal Azrouël’s resort 2015 collection challenges Fashionistas in terms of minimization. Throwing on a casual dress and knotting up a pair of sneakers makes for an effortless ensemble, which can make Fashionistas feel like they’re missing something. Truth is, they’re not, and Yigal Azrouël has proven it. Next time you start layering bangles and fastening belts, try to think outside the jewelry box. Instead, explore other avenues of accessorizing through colorful cosmetics or new hairstyles.

Get My Look: 1. A black and white striped dress. 2. Simple sneakers. 3. A vibrant pucker.

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