STYLE GURU STYLE: Styling Shearling

Springtime in Seattle comes with the most random fluctuations in weather that you could possibly imagine. There are very few places in the world where the sun can be shining but it’s somehow still raining outside. When it’s not raining in the early spring, it can still be below 50 degrees so it’s important to still keep a cozy and reliable jacket in your closet. My current go-to is my faux¬†shearling coat.

The history behind this trend is actually a pretty long one. Traditional shearling is made from sheepskin, and in the Iron Age, it was actually used as a sign of social status. In the 1940s shearling became a part of another trend that we all know and love, bomber jackets. The soft material was used to keep pilots warm in the cockpit of their plane. Decades later, shearling took on a whole new life when surfer Shane Stedman’s Ugg boots became an international trend. This brings us to today, with the revamp of trends such as the bomber jacket, shearling jackets are a perfect layering piece to throw over almost any outfit because they usually come in neutral colors that can be easily added to your collection of basics.

Personally, I will throw this jacket over just about any outfit on a chilly day whether I actually put effort into my outfit for class or not. Dressed up or dressed down it has definitely become a staple piece in my wardrobe.

Shearling is not that new of a trend but it took off this past winter in featured looks such as oversize jackets like mine, vests, and shoes as well! The first time I remember seeing shearling used in a new trendy way was about two years ago on the inside of a light brown Chelsea boot. Shearling is not something that is wearable in all seasons depending on where you live, but because this trend is so versatile I absolutely foresee it coming back around once the weather starts getting colder again.

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