STYLE GURU STYLE: Sunny Spring in the City

We’ve had some lovely weather for some of this month, and I definitely took advantage of being able to dress for summer in the middle of April, as eighty degree weather is not the norm during this season. I wanted to create a versatile look that would work for spending the day in the park but also for a late evening dinner. For this, I pulled a little bit of inspiration from everywhere, embracing the bohemian country look in the middle of a bustling and contemporary city.

For this look, I pulled out a simple, white, frilly, cold-shoulder top and paired it with my favorite pair of bootcut, medium wash Madewell denim jeans, which are also high-waisted and are perfect for the warmer seasons. I added some lace-up, black Madewell sandals. I also added some dainty accessories to complete the look, including a gold heart chain, a plain black choker, a lovely souvenir bracelet from Hawaii, and a thin gold watch. The tote is an Etsy find with a classic advertisement illustration print. This is the perfect everyday piece, as it also works for any occasion.

This sort of boho-country look remains a constant trend during the summer months, and as a whole, this look is my sort of go-to look during the warmer seasons. It’s casual enough, yet can easily work for grabbing dinner or drinks. A little bit of flair was added to the outfit with the tote and the gladiator sandals. This outfit represented my go-to summer style and ultimately served as an early nod to the warmer months to look forward to. While I do wish that this weather would linger a little while longer, it was nice to get in the summery spirit with a great look and to be able to walk through the city without a jacket on.

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