STYLE GURU STYLE: Two Trends Are Better Than One

Even though there’s still snow on the ground, I’m obviously beyond excited for spring! To get ready for the season’s change, I’ve pulled together a few transitional pieces that are fresh, but don’t seem out of place with the current weather. For me, this outfit is entirely about the little details. From far away, it comes off as neutral and classic, but up close, it offers a few little surprises in texture and décor, and brings together a few fun trends for spring!

Embroidery is all the rage this season, and adding small details of embroidery can really add depth to your look. I chose a plain button-up with minimal embroidery to keep it casual while still wearing something a little more unique. I paired my top with a black faux-leather mini skirt which isn’t over bearing, and doesn’t distract from my top, but still provides texture, and keeps this very black and white outfit from being too boring. Because I wasn’t messing with much color, I paired this outfit with my silver ankle boots, to add a little pop of metallic, without drawing too much attention from the other details and textures of my look. Lastly, I accessorized with simple cat-eyed sunglasses to maintain the classic theme of my outfit, and a simple round black bag.

While I still like to experiment with my style, and try out more unique pieces, I find it super important to keep my color pallet, and overall look cohesive. I find it super important to keep my outfit balanced when I’m styling some riskier pieces, which is why I’ve stuck to such a minimal color pallet overall. All in all, it’s always fun to combine a few fun trends at the same time, and finally get to dress for warmer weather!

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Tori Nergaard

A fourth year Communications and Film student at University of Calgary in Canada who love styling, costume design and textured fabrics.

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