For today‚Äôs outfit I got inspired by the fresh and casual feeling of light blue denim. In Christopher Kane’s 2013 resort collection showed to us perfectly how to pull off light washed denim in both tops and bottoms. This is a trend that often scares people, because it can look boring. But the world of denim has changed since the first pair of pants. Now we can choose by an wide range of forms and combinations which add excitement to any look.

I choose to stay with a classic washed denim for my jacket combined with dark blue skinny jeans. This pair of jeans were too long for me, so I folded up the hem. This solution makes my high-top Converse show up giving this a cool vintage and fresh look. To tie everything together, I wore a cropped black T-shirt so I could show off the high-waisted pants.

A light washed denim jacket can do no wrong. This wonderful classic can give you comfort and make you look good while running around on campus. Adding in little details can revamp this classic. Christopher Kane demonstrated perfectly how many possibilities you can create when you base a look off of a classic.

Get My Look: 1. Washed denim jacket. 2. Dark blue jeans. 3. High-top black Converse.

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