TREND: Black and White-Traditional, but Classy

For some college students in Fort Collins, summertime is the season of living easy, but for others, it is the season of internships, interviews and job searching.

While society is forever evolving and accepting new styles and fashions, one style that remains fairly consistent is interview attire. While most of us Style Gurus love exploring new options, we must remember to not stray too far from traditional on this one. Black and white; the colors are traditional, but they're classy. Make it your own by adding a fun piece of jewelry, such as a beaded bracelet, or a colorful scarf. Old Town Fort Collins has a few really great locally owned shops that feature a variety of home-made pieces of jewelry. One of my personal favorites is the White Balcony, which features dozens of round tables filled with great must-have accessories.

This Fashionista was spotted on her way to her internship sporting black slacks and a white top, accompanied by a beaded and embroidered black vest and a touch of accessories. What I loved about this outfit was that not only was it black and white, but the embroidered and beaded vest added a touch of personal style. This Fashionista took traditional and safe colors, and made them her own by adding a small touch of her own flare.

Naturally, all interviews, internships, and work attire may vary depending on the position; however, it is always important to remember to keep it classy.

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