Drop the frilly girls shirt you're in the process of "borrowing" from your best friends closet, turn around and walk into your room. Find that old men's button-up that you stole from your dad years ago in the hope of wearing it to some "Risky Business"-themed party, and put it on. Grab a pair of dress pants, and you've got yourself an outfit in style for this fall. During Fall 2010 Fashion Week designers such as Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang sent down outfits with a a masculine feel.

Be careful not to grab the ratty T-shirt and big jeans out of your boyfriend's closet. Stick to tailored and classic looks: Nirvanaesque 90's looks aren't back in…yet. 

This Fashionista combines menswear with other pieces to create the ultimate fall 2010 look. She takes distinct masculine pieces – her pants and her white shirt – and combines them with a cinched belt and flirty shoes. She has the perfect menswear look, looks comfortable, yet stylish and is ready for a day at school. 

Hint: As a college student, I usually try to look for cheap and stylish pieces i.e Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, etc., but for this look I'd say pick expensive pieces with longevity. Menswear comes back into fashion time and time again, as well as you can match individual pieces together for a classic look. 

Some places to buy these pieces could be J.Crew and Anthropologie – they combine classic menswear with feminine additions. Also check out her fantastic rings in the picture below. 

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