The temperature is indeed dropping, but it's not wool coat weather yet. So before you pull out that wool coat chilling in your closet, grab a lighter option, the denim jacket. The easy to wear trend works with everything from faded jeans to floral dresses.

To find your perfect jean jacket take a look at Lucky Brand and Levi’s. Levi’s offers a straightforward, timeless style that is dark indigo in color with several copper buttons. The look is clean and polished.

Lucky Brand offers a more laid-back look. The Wralee Worn Denim Jacket is made from cool, worn cotton denim. The denim is bleached out to an almost completely white finish. 

When purchasing a denim jacket the main thing to keep in mind is the fit. Make sure that the style isn’t too boxy on your body. It should fit like a jacket, not a coat. It should be slim and snug in the shoulders.

This weeks Fashionista wears a classic denim jacket over a black dress from Urban Outfitters, lace leggings and a pair of black boots from Nordstrom. The jacket’s fit ads dimension and definition to her body.

What every style you choose to go with you can be assured, that it will be a lasting investment piece.


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