The old adage of “less is more” is one I’ve always respected. For as long as I can remember, minimalism was key and accessories were worn in moderation. However, all of that was thrown out the window when I spotted this Fashionista outside of South Coast Plaza, and my usual fashion philosophy came to a sudden halt. With her piled on accessories and a mix of layers, her look captivated me upon first glance. It’s hard to tell whether she effortlessly threw on as many accessories as possible or if she carefully calculated what would look good. But no matter how she went about doing it, she succeeded.

With so many stylish elements in one look, it’s difficult to decide where to start. As if she was creating a work of art, this Fashionista began with a blank canvas of a black maxi skirt and T-shirt. From there she added a striped cardigan and brown fringe sandals. Perhaps the most fascinating element of the outfit, her patterned, vintage-looking blazer, is what first drew me to her. A stand out piece on its own, this jacket is striking on top of the black skirt. Among the spectacular combination of bangles, beads and a watch is her taupe necklace. Its large rosettes and ribbon detail make it a great statement piece. Look for similar necklaces to jazz up even the simplest of attire, or even better, D.I.Y it for a summer project. After a brown leather clutch and a pair of Ray-Ban Clubmasters are added, this Fashionista turned a black blank canvas into an absolute masterpiece. While "less is more" is always successful, a mixture of items like this can sometimes be even better. It certainly is fun to see at least.

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