STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: It’s all in the accesories

There are many things I complain about when it comes to my wardrobe, but jewelry never seems to be one. I'd describe my jewelry collection as a treasure chest of vintage $5 dollar finds, mixed in with my go-to YSL Arty rings splashed with chunky cheap necklaces from Topshop and of course miscellaneous outdated pieces my grandmother has given me (she is an artist and in her heyday hand painted brooches that are odd but super cool.) 

Anyways, moral of the above story, it's rare that I am beyond envious of someone else's jewelry and this Fashionista left me SO jealous. Plain and simple, her look was amazing. Decked out in a charm necklace, gaudy rings, a rhinestone adorned belt, aviators with a floral applique on the edge and the flawless Chanel 2.55 bag, she really nailed it with her accessories. And of course, her shoes…outrageous and amazing. Most Fashionistas wouldn't be brave enough to pair such diverse pieces of jewelry together, but she did it and it worked really well. 

So, while your budget might not allow for summer wardrobe updates, there's always some extra cash for accessories. And as seen by our Fashionista, these pieces will take an outfit a long way. 

This week hit up your local vintage shops, flea markets or even Forever21 to gather some "trinkets" that will help take that "boring" outfit into vogue. Willing to splurge? Shop The Glamourai for one of a kind pieces. 

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