Walking down the streets this spring it's hard not to feel like you are looking at a box full of vibrant crayons. Colors have made their mark and in more ways then one this season. Bally showed use colorful stripes paired with cotton maxis at their spring 2011 collection; while Jil Sander did not shy away from color by pairing shocking hued trousers with well-constructed blazers in their spring collection.

While the streets aren't filled with only designer duds, our innovative Fashionistas have used runway shows as their inspiration and made color the main focus of their wardrobes.

Today's Fashionista was as charming as they get with her thick multi-colored striped peacoat. Playing with her own coloring box, she paired her already loud jacket with a structured red bag to hold her essentials. Capping it all off with a yellow beanie, this Fashionista might have hit all the best colors in the box.

My favorite part about color is you can pair it with another major trend this season- white hues. These neutrals will allow you and your bold hues to shine even more.

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