As the summer months slowly fade away, Fashionistas like this one are taking full advantage of whatever is left of the nice warm weather. This Fashionista caught my attention with her bold use of accessories: gold jewelry, suede wedges and most distinctly, a pale hued distressed denim vest.

This summer has seen many Fashionista’s wearing oversized tops and dresses that lack any distinctive shape. While this dress wasn’t designed with a waistline already built in, this Fashionista created one herself by belting the dress along her natural waistline to add both shape and a bold accessory to her look. Additionally, her vintage-inspired golden snake bangle complements the darkness of her sundress as well as the shine of her gold belt.

This Fashionista incorporated denim into her outfit without just throwing on a pair of jean shorts. While everyone has a go-to pair of jeans, denim can worn in a variety of ways that should not be overlooked. It is time to find other ways to incorporate denim into a back-to-school wardrobe. This Fashionista’s '90s inspired distressed denim vest adds a casual twist that is both fun and versatile. While denim vests come in different lengths and sizes, this Fashionista chose a shorter vest with her sundress, where as a longer vest would be best worn with skinnys and a t-shirt.

For back-to-school, a simple long sleeve tee underneath a denim vest — paired with plenty of accessories — can be casual enough for class without sacrificing your own personal style. Denim can be worn in numerous ways, from a vest to a blouse, dress, romper or even skirt, so try to go beyond just a normal pair of blue jeans for something different. Denim makes it easy to create a style that can be both casual and unique, so this fall experiment with different styles and even hues of denim that complement both your wardrobe and the season.

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