Summer and graduation are literally a week away, and everyone is getting stressed out over finals. This is the most important time to stay focused on summer plans and figuring out what is the most important direction you want your life to go. Why not take this terribly stressful transition period and take a happy print to cheer you up? Everyone knows pastels are the colors of spring, but taking it up a notch and trading out pastels for bolder and more confident colors can only help you mirror this in your planning for the future. This Fashionista looks so cute in her pocketed skirt and ruffled top. She even pairs the super popular ankle shoe to stay comfortable, like a flipflop, but much less casual. These type of skirts are easy pieces to wear, since they only require a few other pieces to make an outfit. They are busy enough to stand on their own and a plain tank looks the best paired alongside.

Nothing could be more perfect than a simple cheery skirt to make getting dressed for class easier on an already stressed schedule. This is a tough time for everybody, and I am certainly speaking from a biased perspective, but I am definitely more productive when I take the time to change into an outfit for the day. Nothing ever seems to get done when I stay in sweatpants or my workout clothes. Loading up on these skirts are really the best investment one could make.

Hint: There are so many different patterns and fabrics to choose from when looking for a skirt that it may seem a little overwhelming. It is all about your own personal preference, however, choosing a fabric that is easy to care for, won’t wrinkle and is comfortable is the point. A cotton blend is probably the most appropriate. My suggestion is to dress for your goal! Want to be bold, confident and stylish? Then use this Fashionista’s skirt as your example.

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