As students all over Boston continue to push through the first few weeks of classes, it’s understandable that your outfit may be the last thing on your mind. Let’s face it — having a simple way to dress up your day outfit is crucial, especially when you’re running late to your 8AM!

That’s why I’m in love with the classy casual trend. While pearl necklaces were originally perceived as a formal accessory, over the years, fashion inevitably revolutionized this classic for daily use. Just another reason why I love fashion — you can always bend the rules. To add a bit of class to your wardrobe this semester, consider investing in a pearl necklace. Pearl necklaces are no longer strictly for Audrey Hepburn and royalty. Adding a pearl necklace to your day outfit creates a dressed-up illusion and, when worn right, you can avoid looking like you just woke up and threw on the first thing you saw — even if you did.

Today’s Fashionista juxtaposes her pearl necklace with a Levi’s rip-off jean vest — the perfect definition of classy casual. While her necklace adds the perfect touch of class, her layered chiffon skirt and white T-shirt keep the outfit comfortable and cute. Not to mention, red is the perfect color to wear when transitioning from summer to fall and looks great with anything denim!

The trick to pulling off the classy casual look is to make sure your outfit evenly juxtaposes both elements. There has to be a balance so your outfit doesn’t become too classy or too casual; today's Fashionista pulls the look off perfectly. I also can't get enough of her jean vest — I truly believe jean vests, long sleeve shirts and pants are meant to be paired with pearls.

A single strand of pearls is perfect to pair with any outfit. For a looser fitting top, wear a layered pearl necklace or, if you want to try something different, a pearl collar. For an inexpensive pearl necklace, check out Forever 21 or, even better, your mother’s jewelry chest. Not only will it feel genuine and have a great back-story (for when Fashionista/os compliment you, obviously), but there's also nothing like a family heirloom to authenticate your look.

Whether we're ready or not, it's time to embrace the school year. So get out your pencils and pearls and hit the books — it's time to show Boston how being a Fashionista is a true class act!

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