When it comes to seasons and their color palettes I think that everyone can definitely agree that fall has the best options. The combination of bright reds, yellows and oranges with deep greens and purples just makes everything look that much better. This week’s Fashionista combined similar colors – bright orange and burnt red – to make her outfit really pop.

My favorite part of this Fashionista’s look is the fact that she wearing bright colors. While most people would probably just add one pop of color she took her look to the next level by pairing another brightly colored piece. Obviously people wear colorful clothes all year round, but as the winter months approach, bringing the colder weather with it, the colors that people choose to wear tend to become darker (i.e. black, grey and navy). I strongly encourage everyone to try and mix it up as much as they can before the fall season is over. Since this Fashionista has so much going on with her headband and dress, it was perfect that she played down the rest of her look by wearing basic colors. Her black combat boots are a staple in many girls, and guys, closest lately. I also really adore the less popular style motorcycle boot. Motorcycle boots definitely give the same vibe as combat boots do, but are a little less common than their counterparts.

The headband that she is wearing is also an awesome piece. It is stylish, but also very practical since it covers her ears, keeping them warm. This Fashionista is wearing a pretty classic style of this type of headband. They can be found in pretty much any color and various styles, like braided and with flowers attached to them. A headband like this Fashionista’s is definitely something that I would recommend for the upcoming winter season for a fresh, new take on winter style.

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