STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: A Little More Than Layering

It's hot and it's cold, it's sunny then it's cloudy. Welcome to Colorado, where we like to say our state is awfully bipolar. However, there is nothing we can do about it so we just “make it work.” Therefore, the easiest solution is layering. This gives people the versatility to rearrange or take off pieces as they please. After three whole months of layering, however, it’s easy to feel as if something is missing. This Fashionista found the cure to the layering blues by completing her ensemble with an infinity scarf, a hat and a stylish messenger bag.

A continuing must-have accessory throughout this winter season, the infinity scarf keeps this Fashionista warm from the crisp breeze. The mixture of the blues with the darker hues send off hopeful vibes as we get closer to spring. Mixing lighter colors is a fabulous antidote to the dark colors we tend to wear when it's cold and gloomy out. Whether you choose a printed scarf like these ones found at Nordstrom, or a solid colored one, the infinity scarf looks great hanging low or bundled around the neck. These scarves add that extra warmth without having to add another full layer.

This Fashionista balances the layering of items with the subtle addition of a chic hat. Giving the ensemble more of a dressed up effect, hats are easy to incorporate into outfits for daytime and nighttime. Whether it be a floppy hat, fedora, beanie or beret, check out Honestly… WTF for street style inspiration on mixing and matching different colors and hats.

A nice addition to this put-together look is this Fashionista's messenger bag. Alternatives to the drab backpack, messenger bags are a great practical accessory. Who doesn't love function and fashion? I love how this Fashionista found simplicity in accessories and made the everyday act of layering more exciting.

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