STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: A Maxi Dress with a Pleat

Not all maxi dresses are born equal and I learned this when I spotted this Fashionista breezing down Fifth Avenue. A pleated maxi dress is much fuller than a regular maxi dress such that when you walk the bottom skirt flows in an ever so glamorous manner. This is the clothing equivalent of when your curls have the perfect bounce.

Style Gurus have praised the pleated skirt for its femininity and vintage look. In addition, Andy Torres of Style Scrapbook worked a pleated maxi skirt from Topshop in a very similar color to this Fashionista’s dress a few months ago. I feel it’s about time that we give the pleated dress a rap of its own. I did not have to go far to find this pleated maxi by Halston Heritage as it is a featured item on (Read: If you like it, buy it because as all featured items it will not be in stock for much longer). It comes in fiery cayenne and subdued musk. If you read my post last week, you know which of the two colors I am lusting after. The only thing about this Halston Heritage dress that is difficult for me to accept is its price tag. My wallet, unfortunately, is not as full as the pleats on this dress so please excuse me while I go and browse the racks of H&M and Forever21 to find something similar to pacify my Halston heartbreak.

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