It's cold- there is no good way to slice or dice it. Naturally, the cold makes us think only about being warm and how to accomplish that cozy feeling as fast as possible. But I am here to suggest that you get out of that mindset immediately!!! Fashion does not die with the fall leaves. Take this opportunity to indulge in the layered look, whether it consists of layering your favorite faux fur (MK style) or, as seen on today's Fashionista, throwing on wool tights, a tweed coat and a thick scarf.

This Fashionista proved that showing your legs in winter can occur with the proper garments surrounding your mini. In the past, I have suggested opaque tights and sheer tights for your wardrobe but, as the season has finally changed, my recommendation this week is wool.

A recent splurge I made are these Falke wool-blend tights from Net-A-Porter. If you are trying save for holiday gifts, then opt for a cheaper pair such as these from J.Crew. Whatever pair you might pick up, just embrace the weather and remember your legs don't have to disappear like the warm weather. Make your wool tights the perfect finishing touch to a fashion savvy outfit.

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