STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: A Plethora of Prints

Rainy days can easily hide a colorful student body underneath the hoods of drab raincoats and slouchy sweatshirts. It is rare to come across a College Fashionista with her best foot forward during the slump of spring showers. However, this week’s Fashionista mixes up the monotony with an unlikely match.

This Fashionista tackles the precipitation with a plethora of prints. Straying from the conventional combinations of the raincoat and leggings, she opts for dark blue denim and equally optimal outerwear: the Beaufort jacket. This week’s Fashionista arranges an earthy palette of moss greens and chestnut browns. The contrasting prints of a tartan plaid lining and a breezy, leopard scarf create a canvas of color and creativity against the simplicity of dark denim and black wellies. The mix and match of diverse prints in coordinating colors gives this Fashionista’s ensemble an effortless appeal without clutter. These two pieces are simple enough to survive the rut of a rainy day, yet they are certainly a refreshing alternative to the all-too-typical raingear.

To diversify your drizzle apparel like this Fashionista, check out Anthropologie and Topshop

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