It seems that everyone is celebrating something this time of year. Whether is graduation or an anniversary, a new job or moving to a new city, even simply that its summertime, there is something to be celebrated. There is no reason why these happy memories can’t be accentuated with the perfect outfit. I know I love looking back at old Facebook photos and remembering how much fun I had at that time and how much I had loved that new dress or new shoes. I mean no one remembers how good they looked in those busted old jeans and a sweater, right? This week, throughout all the celebrations, is the perfect time to take out all your favorite pieces that have been locked up in the closet all winter and wear

This Fashionista is dressed super feminine in a floral sundress and pink jean jacket. She is following the mixing patterns trend with her dress and accentuates the colors with the jacket. The dress is called an empire waist, which means that it’s banded above the waist. This style is flattering on every figure and can be used in so many different ways. I love how she pairs it with dark detailed flats as a contrast.

Hint: It’s certainly great to go light pink and flowers, but always keep in mind that it can look childish if worn the wrong way. This Fashionista is modest enough for class and work, but looks mature enough to be a college student. The trick is to be covered up just the right amount and also to not go overboard with the colors and patterns. A rule of thumb is the dress can stop a few inches above the knee and bare shoulders should be covered. This is enough to not be too laid back, but also to be young and flirty.

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