Now that the winter has “hit” Chicago and the cold winds make it almost unbearable to walk the streets in the morning, the fashion found on campus has reduced itself to mainly warm coats and high fur boots.

This week’s Fashionista is an exception because unlike many others, she has chosen a classic trench style coat to keep her warm. The trench coat is a classic and a staple piece needed in every Fashionista’s closet.

Thomas Burberry is the inventor of gabardine fabric, which is used a lot for suits and coats. Burberry waterproofed the fabric and used it for their trench coats, which were first used by British and French soldiers during World War I. Although many men wore the trench coat after WWI, it wasn’t until the '60s when it gained “fashion status.”

The original coat had to be double-breasted with shoulder straps, D-rings and a specific number of buttons. Today, those rules are much looser and you can find a variety of styles based on the original trench coat. The knee long version is the most common one, but there are also a lot of jacket-inspired versions which are shorter and often come in a variety of colors.

The trench coat is a great coat to have if you are looking for something a little more formal and dressy. It’s a classic and you will be able to pair it with basically everything and keep it for a very long time. Some coats come with a removable inner lining, which is great if you’d like the option to wear your coat all year round. Also, choose a version with a belt, because the belt will give you the opportunity to adjust the coat’s size to fit you perfectly and create a very nice silhouette.

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