When it comes to accessories there are two ways you can approach the situation:

1) Less is more. i.e. “Always take off one piece of jewelry before you leave the house.”


2) It’s all about accessories. Accessories complete any look, dress plainly and let them speak for themselves. 

This Fashionista seems to have taken a bit of both perspectives and created a third option: wear a multitude of simple accessories, but pick just one that stands out. The one that draws your eye here is also looking back at you. Her bag is from the men’s collection at Jil Sander (which I would’ve never guessed this was for a guy, but then again these days the line gets blurrier and blurrier…). Made with canvas, it’s super practical for carrying your laptop and books during school, and the delicate yet sultry artwork (by Japanese artist Tsuguharu Fujita) makes it cool enough to wear just about anywhere else.

What makes her outfit work is that her accessories all work together rather than compete. A solid purple scarf adds some color and contrast to the overall brown theme. The scarf also adds weight at the top of her frame to counterbalance her heavy boots and compliment the bag. The bag can be found here. Other similar styles can be found at Urban Outfitters.

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