STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

Now there is a time in a young Fashionista/o's life that you have to approach the dreaded question: what accessory shall I wear with this outfit – what is too much, what is too little, what is "in"?

I'm here to save the day, (or at least help with the process). Think of it the way I do – the more the merrier – try all the trends at once and then slowly take off until it's perfect. Which, in fact, is what this fashionista here is. She's discovered the perfect balance between too much and too little. Utilizing one bold accessory, her beautiful bib necklace, and then adding tiny others, including her matching gold and white sandals and gold earrings, which sadly you can't see. A bib necklace is a statement necklace – one to be worn with simple clothing to add a pop. Some of my favorites include:

Forever 21, $16.80 

Marc by Marc Jacobs Resort 2011, $298

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