STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Accessories That Pop

It is already quite obvious that the first signs of spring touched New York City. The blue sky seems to be getting closer to the ground and more smiles appear on the streets. Girls are beginning to wear tights and flats, the main fashion sign of spring that I have noticed. Walking in my beloved Union Square Park after classes, I have noticed a girl who immediately caught my attention with her energy and playful mood, reflected in her outfit. She was rocking a stylish beige asymmetric jacket combined with bright red ballerina flats and a purple messenger bag.

The chic Fashionista’s jacket looks luxurious and unique, embellished with fur on the voluminous collar. As it is longer on the back and shorter towards the collar, it serves a practical function of a coat and a jacket at the same time. The Fashionista supported the elegancy of her outwear with a knit skinny dress, which she chose to be of a dark grey color. To me, the color choice was smart because it outlined the beautiful beige waves of the jacket covering her chest.

Her black tights elongate the torso and contribute to the feminine theme. The most interesting part of the Fashionista’s look is her shoes and the bag. The combination of red and purple is not considered conventional, but rather unusual and odd. However, she managed to bravely pull it off in an interesting manner. Her outfit looks stylish, not only because of the styles of each garment, but also because of the colors. With the support of dark and pastel colors, this Fashionista’s accessories pop out.

It is also hard not to mention that the outfit looks very comfy because of the softness of the fabrics and cozy collars. It keeps you not only warm and cozy, but also active and free during the day. When choosing this kind of outfit, I would recommend playing with the colors of your shoes and bag even more, and to consider a strong contrast. For example, picking yellow and red would create more contrast between the two.

Also, never forget about my favorite all-season accessory – sunglasses. They will always contribute to any look with a smart and trendy touch. The Fashionista in the photo keeps that in mind, and tops off her funky outfit with a pair of bold sunglasses.

Just as she demonstrated her subtle and brave taste, never be afraid to experiment with color combinations, but always keep in mind the limits to which the colors would actually look good and stand out.

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