STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Accessorize in the Rain

In San Diego it hardly ever rains so when it does, a lot people are caught off guard and end up dodging puddles in flip flops. As I walked to class on a rainy day, camera in tow, I think about how difficult it will be to spot a Fashionista while ducking under my umbrella since rain is not San Diego’s forte. However I was pleasantly surprised to see students amping up their style despite the dreary conditions. Hunter boots, long fabulous trench coats, scarves and even expressive, fun umbrellas.

I spotted this Fashionista walking to class and immediately admired her simple embellishments to her solid rain attire. The muted palette of her leggings and jacket call for some accessories that pop. A lot of people gravitate towards dark colors that reflect the mood of the weather but a little dash of print or vibrant colors can alter the mood in a positive way. This Fashionista chose a leopard print scarf that peeks out of the top of her raincoat giving her outfit a little life on a gray day. The second rain staple accessory sported by this week’s Fashionista is her eye catching white boat shoes. Boat shoes come in handy for drizzling weather when rain boots are too heavy. Even while living in a climate like San Diego never get caught without waterproof footwear!



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