STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Accessorize your Way through Fall

Accessories are to an outfit what spices are to chicken. A sweater and jeans will always be a sweater and jeans, but the plethora of accessories out there is what makes each outfit stylish and unique, much like the way spices can transform a boring chicken wing into a zesty, exciting meal (can you tell I’ve been cooking too much with the roommates?). This fall, I support indulging in new accessories to flavor your old favorites.

Oversized sweaters have been around for a few seasons now, but how you accessorize it keeps the outfit fresh and up-to-date. Today’s Fashionista shows us just how far accessories can take an outfit. I love the thick, textured fabric of her scarf contrasted against the thin lines of her striped sweater, as I’m all about finding the softest fabrics and love touching everything when I shop. Have a go at this cream colored scarf by Staring At Stars Open. The open weave and thickness give it an ultra luxe look for cozying up in chilly weather, and the neutral tone fits right in with this season’s camel craze.

A good bag is always a crucial accessory for any Fashionista. See how her studded Hype purse adds edginess to the nautical stripes of the sweater, while the silver chains match the silver tones in the scarf as well as her handmade necklace from a local boutique.

Lastly, sunglasses are probably my latest accessory craze. While I used to just have one designer pair that I wore with everything, I’ve recently become a sunglasses fiend, buying them in fun prints and outrageous shapes. With enough pairs out there to suit every taste and outfit, they instantly add style and sophistication to any look. Score a pair of white-framed Dolce & Gabbana shades like this Fashionista’s, which prove that touches of white work, no matter what the season.

Hint: While accessories add pizzazz to any outfit, make sure you don’t go overboard. A scarf, necklace, belt, bag, bracelets, rings, and sunglasses are overkill, to say the least. Pick and choose a few that you think will really highlight the outfit and give it that extra umph, and save the rest for a different look.

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