STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Accessory of the Moment

Accessories are an important feature for anyones ensemble. A good choice for this upcoming season is an oversized scarf or shawl. They are minimal yet they add a touch of color and are cozy. Whether you're in a class room or heading home from college for break they are pefect for traveling especially when you add chunky boots and tights. This Fashionista chose to sport a red shawl that is knitted. Though she is wearing sandals it is a good idea to wear flats or riding boots. One of my favorite style flats are these Tory Burch ones. Some shawls such as this fringed purple one from can be thrown over a shirt. It resembles a mini blanket yet still looks stylish. As of lately I am noticing that more cardigans are becoming layered to resemble shawls such as this heather gray Splendid version. What is even more interesting about this accessory is that it dates back all the way to the 1920's and it still continues to be a piece that students enjoy adding to their wardrobes.But remember the key point to this style is lots of layers and big sunglasses!

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