Across the street from Belmont University is a coffee shop called Bongo Java. Throughout the day, students run by the shop in between classes to grab coffee or lunch. Most students also use Bongo as a place to study or meet up with friends. Since Bongo is located right beside a vintage store called Local Honey, it is not hard to run into a Fashionista/o. 

While enjoying an iced chai latte, I spotted this Fashionisto hanging out with friends and playing chess. He was decked out in black and khaki green, and his distressed leather jacket was personalized with a collection of various pins. Adding pins onto your leather and denim jackets is a great way to showcase bands you enjoy, politicians you support and even bars you frequent.

The star of this Fashionisto’s outfit, however, is his hat. I have seen many Fashionstos and even a few Fashionistas channeling Harrison Ford this summer with wide brimmed hats. It’s very adventurer chic. Similar hats were seen on runways for fall and winter 2011 and 2012 collections.

The best place to find a hat like this is at your local thrift or vintage store, but eBay and Etsy have great options as well. I found this vintage suede leather hat from an Etsy seller, but If wearing leather isn’t your thing, I found a faux suede version and a brown wool version.

If you find yourself participating in summer activities such as hiking, canoeing or cliff jumping at the lake, take a style tip from Indiana Jones and throw on a hat. You will instantly feel like a proper adventurer.

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