STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Ain’t Nothin Wrong With a Little Country

One of the best parts of the transition period between spring and summer, besides the beautiful weather of course, is the ability to wear pieces from fall, combined with new items you have bought for this glorious rise in temperature. By mixing in the new colors and patterns of summer with the trends of the fall season, the possibilities to create a super cute outfit are endless.

This Fashionista perfects this method of creating an ensemble that works great for days on campus and on the casual days of summer. She starts off with a flattering light blue button-down with subtle navy stripes. Light colored button-downs are a superior choice for the warm weather days because they can be dressed up and down very easily, left completely open with a cute tee underneath, or buttoned halfway with a feminine cami slightly exposed. Here she opts for the third option, and layers a lacey brown cami underneath, a nice complement to the light blue. She then wears a light brown mini skirt with a white floral pattern. The floral pattern of the skirt mixed with the subtle stripes on the button down is an excellent pattern combination because they are both equally indistinct. The ultra light denim jacket she wears over completes the color scheme, while adding a clever country-girl look, and the rich brown leather boots tie together the entire ensemble. With an eclectic mix of accessories, including some beaded bracelets and feather earrings, she achieves a fun and lighthearted look that is still chic for summer.

Hint: This season has shown an ample amount of floral patterned skirts. Try one of these two options, paired with a soft colored button down to get this look down solid.

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