This Fashionista took her fiery blazer outside the typical realm of preppy ensembles and created her own look around it. She skipped the predictable jeans or khakis and simple top, maybe some gold jewelry, which normally complement a blazer and forged ahead to a style that speaks to her personality. Her outfit works so well mainly because she doesn’t force the red jacket to be a statement piece, but rather balances the focus throughout the various pieces she’s wearing. Being a bright color doesn’t mean the blazer has to be the point of interest in the outfit.

She chooses a T-shirt printed with a cool grey design and embellished with rhinestones, which catch the light and eyes around the room. It’s important to notice that the details on her shirt are only on the upper half, however, so they aren’t directly juxtaposed with the skirt pattern. The band of white shirt exposed and the solid black waistband of the skirt give the individual pieces clean lines and clear separation – this is key when mixing patterns. The skirt has its own distinct pattern of falling flowers, yet includes the color of the blazer for cohesion.

The high-waist and short hem prevents the loose jacket from overpowering her silhouette, creating flattering definition and flare where they respectively belong. This shape also lengthens the appearance of her legs, and as an added bonus, it has pockets! Her boots give the feminine and cutesy ensemble some attitude and edge, and the gray tights make a smooth transition between the black skirt and black shoes. Each piece holds its own in this outfit, so the bright blazer doesn’t steal the spotlight.

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