V-necks have been a hipster staple for who knows how long but for good reason. Being an owner of an amount to fill an entire drawer I find that it's the simplicity that is so attracting. It's literally a shirt but there's something about that triangle of exposure that underlines sensibility and a little freedom. In the soon arrival of Fourth of July backyards and beach houses will be filled with BBQ aroma, pool parties, and a little too much. When it comes to attire maybe drift away from the red, white, and blue. Just bare the heat in something which may as well be a classic. This Fashionisto fell back on the basics…and never looked better. With a minty shirt, easy going shorts and subtle watch there is a charming appeal. There is a buffet of varieties which means you can wear a different one everyday of the week. Stripes, detailsheer effect and colors you choose at this point just do it all. It's all about the V-neck but most importanly it's all about you.

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