STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: All Hail the Ushanka

Staying warm and fashionable in a hail storm is not an easy task. As I sloshed around campus searching for a Fashionista/o, I quickly realized that those brave enough to face the pounding precipitation of winter's wrath were either totally psychotic or simply very intent on living their lives. I don't know about you, but when I think of a hailstorm, images of absolute misery come to mind. The notion of fashion, frankly, is totally off of my radar. But for this brave Fashionisto, neither hail nor snow infringes on his personal style.

Staying warm while still maintaining a somewhat human silhouette is an art form. As I talked to this snow survivor, I learned that his floppy eared hat, an “ushanka,” and his coat are from two countries well versed in surviving the cold. He purchased his black hat in Moscow, an infamously frigid metropolis, and imported his brown oversized Wellenstyn jacket from Germany. This Fashionista clearly did his research.

In keeping with his outfit's military theme, he wears snow-ready Dr. Marten for Opening Ceremony combat boots, framed nicely by his cuffed APC dark wash denim. Snowstorms are no time for exposed skin, and this Fashionista manages to engulf his entire frame in insulated materials. With a grey Lanvin scarf wrapped around his neck, he diversifies the textures of his look while staving off frigid winds.

The frosting on this ice-melting look is the Fashionisto’s Jack Spade messenger bag. While in elementary school and high school huge backpacks dominated chaotic hallways, such giant bags are not necessary. The sleek and militaristic satchel is large enough for notebooks and a laptop, yet not too large as to wear at any student’s shoulders.

As Oscar Wilde once said, “living well is the best revenge.” This week, spite the cold in the best way possible: keep your wintery bones warm while looking fabulous. Take a cue from this Fashionisto and wrap yourself in brands that have long since mastered the art of insulation without sacrificing sartorialism. Bundle up now, ushanka me later.

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