If the last time you wore a onesie was in infancy, it’s high time to relive the trend. Today’s Fashionista returns to the styling simplicities of babyhood in this sleek, black, head-to-toe jumpsuit from Eight Sixty — a find at the clothing shop in the USC bookstore. Every girl should have a one-item-outfit wonder in her closet that styles itself and is on call for her on Sunday study days spent in and out of the library. Even the most put-together of people have days when all their energy is put toward books before looks. Lucky for this Fashionista, she doesn’t have to resort to leggings, comfy boots and a sweatshirt for a typically toasty Los Angeles day spent studying in the library and campus coffee shops.

Don’t be afraid of trying out floor-length pieces like hers — the cotton material and pant-factor keep it dressed down, and by sticking to a solid, neutral color like black, she avoids having too loud and overwhelming of an outfit. Plus, I’m sure I’m not the only one who is convinced one performs better academically when dressed up a little — I feel better about myself and like I have more to live up to. Today’s Fashionista styled her onesie with a vintage suede and tasseled book bag; matching lace-up sandals by Joie; and easy layers of golden strands with charms. To top off the look? A topknot, of course.

Invest in a go-to comfy and easy yet chic piece for your wardrobe. You’ll be happy you did when you’re dressed to go straight from the library to a nice dinner to celebrate your study successes.

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