Normally I am not a pants girl. I am usually all about girly dresses with a bit of edge. Lately, however, I have been drawn towards people who are completely confident in dawning pants. When I saw this Fashionista I was automatically obsessed with her pants. I started seeing that style around last year and I did not know how I felt about them. As I keep seeing them around I have slowly become obsessed.

They are not like your normal type of pants. It is not like this Fashionista threw on a pair of jeans or leggings. I absolutely adore the crocheted look. It is so incredibly fun and simple. By adding just a simple black top and wooden accessories she made it more of a semi-bohemian look. I love outfits that do not take that much effort, and she perfected it. 

Recreating an outfit like this is so incredibly easy. There are also so many different directions you can go with it as well. You could always be like this Fashionista and go for the hippy look by trying these pants. Though they are not crocheted, you can see a similarity in the two and make a boho look. Also, you can make this look very edgy by adding a leather jacket and some boots to these trousers. The options for styling outfits around pants like these are endless. You can go from boho to edgy, fairytale to country. Anything you want or love in clothes is an option. Just remember, it is all in how confident you are in experimenting with clothes and accessories. And it is all in the pants. 

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