STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Alternative Accessorising

As a style-conscious Fashionista I am forever searching for new and creative ways to funk up everything from my basics to my evening wear. As a result I often find myself honing in on the little tricks and trimmings of Fashionistas around me, whether on campus or on high street, and how they manage to give a distinctly unique slant to an outfit. While some may feel restricted with their style options due to the cold weather, today’s Fashionista proves that often adding a simple accessory to a key component of your outfit can create a whole new fashion statement.

By adding a black belt to her black quilted jacket she manages to wrap up against the biting cold on campus while pulling off a super chic statement. She strikes the perfect balance between basics and funky accessories, while giving structure to her look by cinching in her waist. Her look provides the perfect example of how well-chosen accessories can have a transforming impact on any look.

To emulate today’s Fashionista’s chic look, colour coordinate your winter coat with a belt of the same colour; opt for a thick, chunky belt like today's Fashionista to give structure and balance to your entire look. To get really creative with your outfit opt for a complementary colour clash or a colour block effect, or alternatively go wild in animal print, with all looks bang on-trend right this season.

Whether browsing on high street or flicking through a fashion magazine it is impossible to ignore the emphasis on accessorising this season, and there are many alternative ways to funk up your outerwear this winter. The cape is a particularly popular one of late, and will look great layered over a thin knit sweater. For an evening wear alternative, opt for a fur stole over a jacket for a glamorous winter slant to an outfit.

Whether you opt to make a chic statement like today's Fashionista with a belt, or go for kitsch printed cape, this season get creative with your outerwear. Use colour, print and furs to give not only to give a nod to the trends of the season, but also to give a wholly individual and unique take on winter fashions.

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