Fashion connoisseurs always talk about mixing prints and combining this material with that; I often find myself intimidated by those trends, yet at the same time I am completely in awe of Fashionistas/os who wear them correctly. Neon is a huge trend this spring and not to mention a fun one. Who doesn’t want to parade around campus in the brightest clothes possible? They are bold and easily make you stand out against all of the other dark or neutral colors, which to be honest consume over half of my closet. Neon is an exciting trend to wear and this Fashionista not only demonstrates a fearless street style; she also manages to combine the bright trend with a feminine print, which is part of the reason it was necessary to dodge traffic to chase this accomplished Fashionista down.

The first obsession I have about this daring outfit was the neon turquoise skinny jeans. Neon jeans are not only pouring out of every fashion magazine this spring, but they are being worn by Fashionistas across every college campus regardless if spring is technically here; in Wisconsin, we still have another month until we can put the parkas back in the closet. However, this Fashionista demonstrates how to rock the trends of spring, neon being one of them, while still wearing the winter essentials. Here she is still wearing a parka, but instead of wearing your often seen and worn black colored jacket, she layers a parka patterned with polka-dots that transcend down into pink flowers over those brilliant neon jeans that tuck into leopard patterned ankle boots. This Fashionista not only dominates at mixing prints, but she also does it while standing out in those neon jeans. This Fashionista demonstrates neon jeans are a great foundation to build outfits from.

The trick to neon jeans is first finding your preferred color; I personally love my violet colored ones, but if you are looking for ones similar to this Fashionista, J Brand has a variety of great colors to choose from. If feeling bold, you can pair another neon top with your jeans, which is a great way to color block your outfit, but I also think a white top with neon looks bold yet put together. Next, if you are feeling as daring as this Fashionista, throw on a print over your neon jeans; leopard or floral are my suggestions. Finally, if you want to tuck your jeans into a printed shoe to imitate a look as fearless as this Fashionista, I would recommend the Jolly from ShoeMint. However, flats or a solid colored boot are just as suitable. Fashionistas and future Fashionistas, please take note: if you don’t already own a pair of neon jeans, get a pair; they are fashion-forward and show that you are willing to show off your bright sense of style.

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