Before we had computers and T.V.s and all those magical devices that make our lives so much easier (or do they really?) people got their fashion inspiration from the streets, from art and from travel. Inspiration was “limited” to a certain area — the area you lived and worked in.

Today, that’s a whole different story. Most of us own a computer and spent several hours on there every day, looking at pictures and videos from all over the world.  We get our inspiration from everywhere, and our style is most likely a mix inspired by several different cultures.

And while this is all very fun and colorful, every now and then it’s nice to see someone go back to the more traditional look and make it their own by adding little details. Take this week’s Fashionista: her wardrobe mainly exists out of American classics such as the leather jacket, the denim jacket and, of course, her favorite cowboy boots.

Boots are the perfect shoe for the fall, as they will keep your feet warm while being trendy and, most importantly, looking good with almost anything. This season, skirts, especially maxi and midi versions, can be seen everywhere and look fantastic paired with a great boot. Of course, you can also pair them with heels or flats, but pairing a skirt with boots will give the outfit a definite edge.

If you are looking for a skirt, a good choice right now is a sheer version, or one in a pop color such as electric orange or red. Those skirts can be dressed up and down and allow you a whole new range of outfits without killing your budget!

Pair them with a denim shirt or a regular button-up and your favorite pair of boots and your classic American style outfit is ready to be taken into town!

Don’t know where to find cheap but well-made American classics? Do what this week’s Fashionista does and go check out some thrift stores. Her two favorites in the city are the Family Thrift on Cermak Road and the one on Milwaukee Avenue.

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