In case you aren’t aware, the Fourth of July is nearly upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with an American classic: DENIM! And while I’m well aware of the sudden comeback of the Canadian tux, this is just simply not the time. I did say, "American classic," after all. So, take a lesson from this Fashionista and strut your stuff in the very American, denim cut-off short. How short is too short? I’ll let you decide. And for those on a budget, consider this the easiest DIY project you’ll ever encounter. In fact, a vintage pair of jeans from a local thrift store adds that coveted distressed look, without the added cost of wet-processing. Want to take American pride to the next level? Consider adding a pair of cowboy boots to your look. Again, take a look in your local thrift store. The best leather products are often vintage—the more worn in, the softer they will be. Now, for those of you with extreme American spirit, go back in time. Think pre-colonial. That’s right. I’m talking American Indians. Often praised for their unique cultural aesthetic, Native Americans introduced turquoise jewelry to American settlers. This Fashionista is on track to win my award for the most American spirit with a turquoise necklace, bracelet, and earrings. So, whether you decided to make a statement this Fourth of July, or simply sample the offerings, always remember to be yourself and wear what you like!

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