As the arrival of spring remains in limbo, the transition from long to short can become difficult to dress for. Shorts-warranted sun is not quite overhead but winter wear has certainly overstayed its welcome. For a solution to this seasonal puzzle, make a statement with an unlikely match.

This week’s Fashionista combines ruggedness and refinement with a springtime smorgasbord. Her pairing of a dainty dress with bold combat boots makes a subtle transition into spring without resorting back to boxes of winter wear. Her crème colored sundress with a lace embellished bib contrasts with the androgyny of dark lace-up boots and a plum-colored band jacket. Interrupting warm-weather white with dark mahogany accents, this Fashionista snags the best of both seasons to create a transition-savvy ensemble.

Blurring the lines of both season and style, this Fashionista mixes boyish accessories with feminine fashions – an unlikely match that will not only lengthen the lifespan of your fall and winter footwear, but also satisfy your hunger for spring, without dawning shorts too soon.

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