For some particular reason, animal graphic T-shirts seem to be something that makes one bold and outlandish, but in a good way. I’m not talking about little shih tzus, or anything that can be a pet; I’m talking big, bad, ferocious animals. Nothing stands out more than a pack of wolves, or a roaring tiger. So conveniently for us fellow Fashionistas/os, we’re able to embody our favorite wild thing by wearing a graphic T-shirt. Animal graphic T-shirts are a great way to add something different and eccentric to your outfit; it shows you’re not afraid of the wild side.

This week’s Fashionista is bursting with originality. To begin with, she’s wearing a washed out red-purple T-shirt with two wolves. With another glance, one will notice the scoop neck. This Fashionista altered her K-Mart-bought T-shirt into something unique and different. Next, she is wearing Dr. Martens look-alike boots, with a pair of dark wash, high-waisted denim shorts. She belts it, adds a hat, her sunglasses and her bracelets, and voila: a fierce leader of the pack. It’s quirky and cute, and instantly draws in the eye.

Looking for a little ferociousness in your life? Try this oversized T-shirt, with a great pair of high-waisted, corduroy shorts. Add some boots and an interesting pair of earrings to add more life to the outfit. For those Fashionistos, try out this fun T-shirt and a dark pair of skinny jeans. Animal graphic T-shorts, though a bit off beat, can be a great little addition to an everyday outfit. You can even buy an inexpensive alternative T-shirt at places (like this Fashionista), and alter them to suit you. It adds interest to the outfit; plus, who doesn’t like seeing a nice wolf shirt walking down the street?

So kick the animal print to the curb, and exchange it for an animal print T-shirt. It’s an instant conversation starter, and a great way to accessorize your outfit. Like this week’s Fashionista, alter it to your liking! Wear it with a skirt or a pair of jeans. Either way, don’t be afraid to embrace the animal craze.

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