A backyard barbecue is the cornerstone of any summertime agenda, and since I know most of you will partake in at least one this summer, here is an example of a great casual outfit. This Fashionisto is laid-back cool in jeans and a short sleeve shirt. But this is not just any short sleeve shirt. The fitted silhouette and crisp collar are a far cry from an old college T-shirt. I particularly like the rolled-up sleeves á la the late Patrick Swayze in the 1983 classic film The Outsiders. In fact, this Fashionisto is channeling Swayze in more ways than one. The tight straight leg jeans and ankle boots would not be out of place in 1965, the year in which this film takes place. I'd say this Fashionisto has done an excellent job of taking an old trend and making it cool again. Bravo.

What to recreate this look? Urban Outfitters is your one stop shop for skinny jeans, ankle boots, and fitted shirts. And just in case you were wondering, the answer should be a resounding "yes." What was once considered Greaser attire, is now hipster chic.

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