STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Attempt Minimalism

Minimalism is in, Fashionistas, and that is very hard for me to accept. You know how everyone thinks Coco Chanel is so wise for telling all of us to look in the mirror before we leave our houses and take one thing off? I’ve never quite been able to get that concept through my head. I’m sure she’s right, and I’m sure she’s far wiser than I am (well, obviously – she’s Coco Chanel), but whenever I look in the mirror before I leave my house in the morning, I always end up adding something. A sparkly ring should never be a bad thing, and really, are my ten layered necklaces bothering anyone? My vote goes for excess, but since I’ve been outnumbered by forecasters, designers, and editors alike, I guess I should close my mouth and listen.

I was thinking about this minimalism concept of mine while looking at jewelry at one of my favorite stores (I just can’t stop – accessories are an addiction) when I spotted this Fashionista. Her look was fun, bold, and totally stylish; I was completely drawn to the perfection of it, and instantly jealous of the genius behind her look. Upon closer inspection, however, I noticed that she wasn’t wearing a single accessory. Not a single one! She’s wearing shoes, of course, but there are no dangly earrings, no necklaces layered around her neck, no bangles lining her arms, and no rings sprinkled amongst her fingers. To come to this realization was a total shock to me, and frankly, a swift kick in the pants. I immediately stopped looking at accessories.

I wouldn’t call this Fashionista’s look minimalistic, but she definitely is trying her hand at the trend. Try letting your clothes do all of the talking, Fashionistas, with no accessories to add punctuation; it might be trickier than you think, because boring just won’t do! Bold clothing with graphic prints will help to keep your look interesting, as will embellished pieces. And if you’re like me, and just can’t let go of your jewelry, loosen your grasp a bit; one necklace and one ring will do.

Coco would be so proud.

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