As autumn erupts, transforming foliage into fiery hues of red, copper, amber, auburn, your fashion palette should change accordingly as well. I spotted this Fashionista in the colors of the season: each element of her ensemble may have spiraled from the far branches of a chestnut or an oak. Her outfit is monochromatic, yet each layer exists as a burning stage of fall. 

As a base, she opts for maroon Rag and Bone skinny jeans and a light chestnut American Apparel loose cotton tank top. A slightly unconventional hue, her burnt jeans are perfect for these harvest weeks, and they compliment her shirt perfectly. Atop her tank top she layers a Vince light grey cardigan. Although autumn is chilly, cotton remains a choice fabric: by layering, any Fashionista can stay warm without feeling encased. 

The leather accents of this sartorialist's ensemble, both brown and lovingly wrought, are as crisp and as supple as tree bark. This stylish student's leather jacket, by Rick Owens, is casual yet tailored. Her engineer boots, likewise, are the perfect partners, both polished and playful. This Fashionista purchased her boots from Fiorentini and Baker, but several other brands offer similar styles. 

All together, this Fashionista's outfit as a whole is greater than its parts; each element, however basic, serves to enhance all of the others. Her layering, therefore, is effective. She layers not only her shirts, but her jewelry too. Stacking each of her fingers with diverse metals and stones, she simultaneously refines and toughens her look. 

This fall season, grab for the palettes of the earth to harvest a natural, healthy and glowing outfit. Think in basics, and build your wardrobe off of monochromatic pieces that complement one another.

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