STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Austin, Where the Wild Things Are!

Keep. Austin. Weird. Seems like an uncanny motto for a city, but it's exactly what describes Austin, Texas. I love walking the streets and being able to see such a variety of lifestyles inhabiting the city. You can come to Austin and expect to find the fitness enthusiasts, the bohemian styles, the Ivy-League looks, the up and coming hip-hop couture and the gypsy cowgirls and cowboy. This city truly has a unique feel for a variety of different people. 

So, while everybody is bracing themselves for blizzards, Austin is turning up their A/C and taking out their summer fashion. I spotted these Fashionistas taking a stroll near campus and looking into one of the many vintage shops that have a home here in the weird city. These Fashinonistas tapped into their throw-back '80s fashion and made it very 2011. I loved how both Fashionistas were able to recycle old T-shirts and turn them into signature pieces in their looks. To be honest, I couldn't bring myself to pick a favorite part of their outfits. The accessories were right on point, showcasing their creative styles with absolutely no boundaries. The most unique accessory I spotted were the feathers lightly peeking from one of the Fashionista's hair. Feathers are very in with celebrity's like Ke$ha, who use them for fashion statements. I also loved the raccoon hat that definitely added an element of individuality. Long necklaces, big rings and a bright red backpack were just a few other things included in the look. Lastly, the black leather boots finish off the awesome street style. Right on Austin!

Hint: Check out these feather accessories from Product of our Generation and grab one of your old favorite T-shirts and make your own unique statement!

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